Native Women in Need, an advocacy, cultural services and mentorship organization serving Native American women, officially changed its name to Mother Nation on March 8th, 2017, International Women’s Day!

Mother Nation is an non-profit Native women’s organization that celebrates and inspires the success of Native American women in pursuit of healing from historical and intergenerational trauma.

Mother Nation draws from a wellspring of ancestral strength, inspiring Native American women to lift each another in Spirit beyond trauma in ways that restore physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health.

Our organization offers culturally informed healing services, advocacy and mentorship services that accentuate Native Women to do more than just survive trauma – these services strengthen women to reclaim our cultural identify needed to stop the violence and progress as human beings.

Mother Nation’s cultural services are custom designed and serviced by credentialed Native American Elders who apply culture to clinical practice. These services enrich the overall health and wellness of Native American women, with the goal to inspire women to become independent and free from violence, addiction, sexual abuse, grief, loss, and homelessness.

We partner with local Tribes and off-reserve Native and non-Native agencies to deliver custom-designed, culturally-informed healing services to Native women. The goal of offering these culturally-informed healing services is to inspire participants to reclaim cultural identify and build a solid foundation to overcome obstacles, which allows us to live free of violence and trauma.

By acknowledging the past and re-learning who we are as a Native people,  women who participate in our programs transform their path to a journey of natural leadership and wisdom built on the ancestral strength of our Native people.