Homeless Prevention Services

Homeless Prevention Program – King County Residents

Mother Nation’s Homeless Prevention Program launched January 30th, 2017.  Our program provides a wide range of services to support Native families with children up to 24 years of age facing eviction and at imminent risk of homelessness.  We support Native youth (18 to 24 years of age) seeking support in their Native community to fulfill goals and address needs to keep their housing while maintaining an education or work skills.

Through a King County Best Start for Kids grant, we provide Case Management and advocacy to support Native women survivors of multi-abuse trauma and their families to support their goals to success facing imminent risk of homelessness.


For additional information contact:

Olive Lefferson, Case Manager

Seattle Office:

4250 S. Mead Seattle, WA 98118

Office: (206) 722-2321

Cell: (206) 487-9799

Email: olefferson@mothernation.org

Office Hours Vary – Please call ahead of time prior to stopping in till we identify reception support.